Infinite Rhythm Of The Universe

Writers needed

Looking for writers to create a collaborative project. Each writer would be responsible for writing one section of the book. We want each chapter to be unique yet connected, so there will be collaboration and weekly meetings. Overall we are looking to have fun and not create financial gain, however we will share an equal share of all profits with each collaborator that contributes to the final product. If you are interested, contact us if you can. Otherwise more details to come in the next couple of months. This project will have a light theme and be based mostly on romance through the first couple of chapters. Then we would like it to incorporate mystery and for the project to become increasingly darker as it progresses. We only have worked out a basic theme that we would like this to follow, however we are open to any changes that contribute to the progression of the story. Each writer will have the opportunity to introduce new characters and themes. Not sure if this project will ever come to fruition as a collaborative project, but we guarantee as long as we have breath we will work towards its completion. we strongly believe that the universe exists here and everywhere and through this rhythm it can be read and understood. When you are in that rhythm amazing progress can be achieved and that is what we strive for. Join us in this creation.